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It’s no secret we are keen to sponsor players who are already performing well, or, are rapidly improving, or, they impress us with their good character and their exemplary behaviour both on and off the course.


It is more important to us both, that players be of good all-around character than for them to be a disc golfing god. If you are a little weird, that might even be to your advantage, because we are both well known to be a little bit weird. That's weird-good... we hope!


We both pay close attention to how local players behave in casual and tournament play, and when we are on tour. Players who face adversity well, and who smile a lot are our favourite kind of people.  Disc golf doesn’t so much build character, as reveal it, we think.


Is there a playing standard I need to meet?

No. Nor a PDGA rating. But we do look favourably on players who are already PDGA members. 


Am I too old? Too young?

Vortica is not an agist organisation and it doesn't matter to us if you are 6 or 66; if we see a certain spark in your eye, and we see you are dedicated to disc golf, and working hard to improve your game, and show your progress on the Tour, and in local competition, we're interested in you. We are seeking players in all divisions, both male and female.

Juniors may be offered sponsorship, but only with the full agreement of parents or guardians. Sponsoring kids is a delicate matter, and Vortica wishes to never damage any child's game or wellbeing with any kind of pressure to perform.


Will I be told off for playing badly?

You are not a child, and we aren't your folks. We know the pain of playing badly, and we know it happens from time to time. We know you are your own worst critic. But... Get over it!

2024's team is full!

We are very proud to have a full contingent of 8 players in the team for 2024, and so unless someone drops out, or we go completely bonkers, we aren’t seeking more players for this year. However, we are always on the lookout for potential future sponsored players, so keep working hard, and maybe we’ll pick you up.

Can I apply for the 2025 team?

If you would like to be sponsored, make sure we know who you are, and how you are going, and ask us to keep an eye on you. We try to keep close tabs on the NZ Tour each year, and we notice when new or existing players start bubbling up the order at events.


Do you pay your team members?

Yes. In addition to our standard annual package of 12 discs and Vortica-branded clothing we pay our players on the following basis:


  1. $10 for each PDGA round with a rating higher than their current rating.

  2. $50 for each division win, provided there are 3 or more players in it.

  3. $10 for each PDGA rating point you gain in each year of sponsorship.

  4. $10 for each place you gain above 16th on the National tour.


We know this is not a huge amount of money, but it is the very best we can offer currently, and each player on average costs us the profit from 100 discs sold.


How do you stay on the team?

We want each sponsored player to compete in at least 5 National Tour Events each year, so they are eligible for the Top 16, and we ask that players do all they can to attend the annual NZDG Matchplay Champs.


We understand that sometimes life gets in the way of disc golf, and so if you do not manage to get to 5 NTEs, we may still keep you on.


Sell lots of discs via the Vortica web site! We give you a blanket 10% discount code at the Vortica website, along with Vortica business cards. Give those cards and your code to people looking for discs, and if your code sells more than 100 discs a year, then we will most certainly keep you on, regardless of how you are playing.


Are there events I have to play in? Like Nationals?

No. You go to the events you want to play in.


Can I be sponsored by other companies at the same time?

Yes, of course. But not if that would involve a conflict of interest. If you have a clothing maker, shoe sponsor, golf disc maker or non-disc golf sponsor then we are delighted for you.

Can I be fired?

Well, you won’t be employed by us – so no. But Vortica will instantly cancel your sponsorship if you bring the company into disrepute, or if you behave in a manner we consider incompatible with Vortica’s goals. We require that any problem you have with Vortica, its directors, employees, associates, or other sponsored players be brought directly to us for private discussion.


Any kind of threatening behaviour or violence directed towards any person, or even course equipment, will be considered an instant resignation from Team Vortica.


What are Vortica’s goals?

There are many! But they go something like this – not in any particular order:

  1. To put as many discs into the hands of as many people as possible

  2. To promote disc golf at every opportunity

  3. To design and install, or facilitate 200 disc golf courses in New Zealand. Only 192 to go!

  4. To host the best events in the country

  5. To sponsor events hosted by others

  6. To sponsor as many players as we possibly can

  7. To form close relationships with local clubs, and assist them wherever possible

  8. To support our International Team members when they travel

  9. To continue to produce the world’s best tutorial articles, and to expand the content of our web site.

  10. To host clinics for new players

  11. To teach good form

  12. To promote PDGA membership, and playing by the rules

  13. To develop Vortica into New Zealand’s foremost one-stop-disc-golf-shop

  14. To establish dedicated, full-time disc golf stores

  15. To increase the number of sports stores carrying disc golf gear.


Plus whatever goals the directors feel like adding, from time to time.


Do I have to sign anything if I get sponsored?

No. If we thought we needed your signature on anything, we wouldn’t be offering you anything. We will keep up our end of the bargain, and trust you will do your best in your role as a Vortica-sponsored player. Trust, honesty, and long-term relationships are what we have built our business on since starting out in 2012.

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