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What Innova Say: The Mamba has more high speed turn than any of our long range drivers, so throwing into a headwind is not recommended. For those with less driving speed, it will add distance. For the medium armed crowd, it will shape long lines for turnovers and straight shots, as well as hyzer flips and even big rolls.

Innova Mamba (Champion) LIGHTWEIGHT

GST Included
Colour: Blue
  • The Mamba is the most understable high speed driver that Innova makes. Innova says "The Mamaba was designed to give maximum distance for minimal effort". Say no more! 

    Mamba also serves as a terrific sky-hyzer disc, thrown on a spike hyzer line. Mamba will pan far left reaching places other discs just can't reach.

    Chris says; "They'll have to prize my 166-gram first-run Champion Mamba from my cold, dead hands."

    In Champion plastic Mamba is less understable than Star Mamba. Instead of "-5" turn, Champ Mamba is more like "-3" turn.

    Flight Rating: 11 6 -5 1


  • In case you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will happily refund or exchange if unused. Just email

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